Getting Started #2: Gathering Your Tools

Watch the video to learn the things you'll need to know before you begin using the Smart Podcast Player.

Tools You'll Need

Here are a few things you will need to know in order to get started using the Smart Podcast Player:

  • Access to your WordPress admin panel
  • How to back up your WordPress site
  • The URLs for the audio you want to share

First, you must have access to your WordPress admin panel, which looks something like this:

It’s important that you feel comfortable making changes to your WordPress site. You certainly do not need to be a developer, but you should feel okay about adding in new plugins.

Next, we highly recommend that you back up your website before you install the Smart Podcast Player plugin—or any plugin, really. Backing up your site before you make any major changes is good habit to develop. There are other plugins, such as BackWPUp, designed to automate website back up.

You’re most likely using the Smart Podcast Player for an existing podcast. In this case, you’ll need to know your RSS feed and your individual episode URLs. I’ll go over how to find those in a future video. For right now, make sure you can log in to your podcast host, which is probably Libsyn, SoundCloud, BuzzSprout, or something similar.

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