How Do I Find My RSS Track Links?

This video is for non-Libsyn/non-SoundCloud users. In this video, we’ll talk about the URLs you will need for the both the Smart Podcast Player and the Smart Track Player. 

This video is for you if you host your files somewhere other than on Libsyn or SoundCloud, or if you didn’t send your feed through Feedburner. If you used Pat Flynn's podcast tutorial at, stop watching this video and go to Step #2 in the Libsyn Setup Guide

Note: This video is no longer part of the Getting Started series. Ignore the "this is the second video in the setup guide."

Finding the RSS Feed (for the Smart Podcast Player)

For the Smart Podcast Player, you will need to know your podcast’s RSS feed URL. This is the link that you submitted to iTunes. The easiest method for finding your podcast RSS URL is to use this great tool, created by Regan Starr:

  1. Click on the link above.
  2. Type in your podcast name, as it is listed in the iTunes store.
  3. Find your podcast and copy the URL.

This is the RSS feed you’ll need for the Smart Podcast Player (See Getting Started #6 for setting up your player defaults.)

Finding Single Episode URLs (for the Smart Track Player)

The Smart Track Player plays individual podcast episodes. Where you’ll find the link depends on which podcast player you are using, but they will probably show it to you right after you publish the episode.  The link you are looking for ends in .MP3.

Here’s an example of the correct type of episode link, one from Libsyn and one from Buzzsprout:

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