Change Show Name

The show name you see in your player’s progress bar comes from the currently playing file’s ID3 tags (or the title you entered into SoundCloud). You can override this show name in the Default Settings or by adding a tag to your shortcode.

Setting the Default Show Name

You can specify the show name in the Smart Podcast Player's Default Settings. Go to the full tutorial on Default Settings for a video walkthrough.

Changing the Show Name Manually

The show title also comes from your track’s ID3 tags, and you have the option to override it. For example, I would like to change the name of AskPat to “AskGizmo” (Pat’s dog!).

I will add the following to my shortcode:


My player shortcode now reads:

[smart_podcast_player url="" show_name="AskGizmo"]

This changes my podcast's appearance from this:

to this:

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