How Do I Migrate to a New WordPress Site?

Note: This support article is for those who are moving their single Smart Podcast Player plugin and subscription from one WordPress website to another WordPress website. If you are adding an additional WordPress website, you will need a separate SPP subscription (i.e., for every WordPress installation, you need a new license).

Migrating To a New WordPress Site

  1. Go into your existing WordPress site, and copy your license key from your Smart Podcast Player settings. Or you can login to your Smart Podcast Player account to copy your license key.
  2. On your existing WordPress site, go to plugins and deactivate and delete the Smart Podcast Player plugin. 
  3. Download the latest Smart Podcast Player zip file.
  4. Once you've removed SPP completely from the existing site, go to your new WordPress site and upload the Smart Podcast Player plugin (that's the zip file you just downloaded).
  5. Go to Settings > Smart Podcast Player and paste your license key into the License Key field. Hit "Save" and you're all set to resume with your SPP subscription on your new WordPress site!

For more information about single-site license and multi-site licenses, go here.

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