Transitioning to the SPP Subscription Center

Smart Podcast Player is transitioning to a new custom-built, you-friendly Subscription Center. Read below for how to login and for frequently asked questions.

How to Login to the New Subscription Center

In order to login to the new Subscription Center, you'll first need to initiate your login by following these steps:
  1. Go here to Initiate Your Login
  2. Enter your email address (make sure to use the same email address you used before)
  3. Click on the reset link in your email inbox
  4. Create your new password and login!

To broaden your understanding of the transition, read these FAQs regarding the transition from Gumroad to our custom built Subscription Center:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you transition to a new platform?

A: We want to do right by our customers, always. We also want to always be improving. This new Subscription Center is a more seamless, powerful, and user-friendly solution to what we had before. We want to empower you to do more, including:

Q: How does this switch impact me?

A: When you subscribed to Smart Podcast Player initially, your subscription was managed on Gumroad’s platform. Now, replacing Gumroad, you’ll have a custom-built subscription management solution: the new  Subscription Center. With the player itself, nothing changes. At your account level, you’ll have greater flexibility and benefits you didn’t have before! 

We just ask that, for all customers, when you  login to the Subscription Center, please make sure that your credit card information has successfully transitioned over too. If you see that it has not, please add your credit card information to resume your Smart Podcast Player subscription.

If your credit card information isn't in your Subscription Center dashboard, your subscription will be paused, so please add your credit card information in the Subscription Center if you don't see it there. It should just take a minute. 

Other than a review of your credit card information (and adding your credit card info in if you do not see it there), there's no other impact. All other information will be transitioned automatically!

Q: Wait, did you have access to my credit card information?! Because that's not cool.
A: No—your data has remained secure and we do not have access to your credit card information. Your credit card information is stored securely at our payment processor. We're changing the front end to a system that allows us to better serve you (especially with coupons, refunds, and multiple purchases). We have remained PCI compliant throughout this transfer.

Q: So, how do I switch over to the new Subscription Center?

A: We will email you to transition to the new Subscription Center. We will be transitioning people throughout the months of March-April 2018.

Q: Will I be charged again when I add my payment information into the new system?

A: No. You won't be charged until your renewal date. Your subscription dates will stay as they were in the old system.

Login to your new Subscription Center today!

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