Email Capture with MailChimp

Added in version 2.3

If MailChimp is your email service provider, this is for you. If you are using ConvertKit,  click here instead. If you are using another email service, click here.

How to Set Up Email Capture with MailChimp

Choose MailChimp from the drop-down menu in the  Email Integration tab of your Smart Podcast Player settings.

You have two options to connect MailChimp to your Smart Podcast Player. The first, and simplest, option is:  Use basic CTA. The second option is to Use embed code from email provider. Both will connect to your email list (as long as you have your MailChimp API Key and List ID connected in the Email lntegration settings).

We'll walk you through what to do with each of these approaches here:

Use Basic CTA

To create your basic CTA form, scroll down about halfway on the Email integration tab. The Dialog box should be set to  Use basic CTA. Underneath that, you can customize your form with an image (add URL of image; maximum height of 200px), header text, body text, name fields, and button text.

Before you do that, first you need to add your MailChimp API Key (found in your MailChimp Account settings; click on your profile photo, account > extras > API keys). Click Create A Key.

Once you create your MailChimp API Key, copy and paste that into the MailChimp API Key field in your Smart Podcast Player settings.

Next you'll need to add your MailChimp List ID (just below the MailChimp API Key field). To access that within MailChimp, go to your main navigation and click on Lists. Click on Create List.

Once you create your list, go to that list settings and click on List name and defaults in the drop-down menu.

Your List ID will be on the right-hand side. Copy and paste that into your Smart Podcast Player settings MailChimp ID field.

Hit Save in your Smart Podcast Player settings. For the Use basic CTA option, you will customize your image URL (max height: 200px), header text, body text, user first and last name, and button text. 

The above example would look like this once a user clicked on the email capture button. This would pop-up:

Use Embed Code from Email Provider

To use the embed code from MailChimp, you'll go to the list (the one you grabbed the List ID and pasted it into your Email Integration settings). Click on your SPP List and choose Signup forms. Click on Embedded forms.

Copy and paste the embed code into your MailChimp email integration settings.

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