Introduction to Email Integration

In light of the European Union's enactment of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on May 25, 2018, we have made some changes to this feature. As of version 2.4.0, we no longer include the "Basic CTA" builder or a Zapier integration. Based on current understanding of this new regulation, it is to your benefit to use a direct embed of your email service provider's opt-in form, as your service provider should have implemented additional compliance measures. Support for direct embeds has been expanded to include all HTML form embeds.

How the GDPR Changes in 2.4.0 Affect You

Zapier users, after updating to 2.4.0, you will find that your email integration will be disabled. Use the instructions below to add your email service provider's embed code to your players.

Users of the Basic CTA builder, your email integration will be disabled (unless you had previously entered embed code). Use the instructions below to add your email service provider's embed code to your players.

If you were already using ConvertKit or embed code or were not using this feature, there will be no change to your players.

Added in version 2.3, edited for feature changes in 2.4.0.

What the Email Integration Feature Does

Email Integration allows you to embed an email sign-up form directly into your Smart Podcast Players. The players will display on your players via a customizable button. Here's what they look like on each type of player (buttons are circled in red):

Pictured Above: Full Player

Pictured Above: Track Player

Pictured Above: Mobile Full Player

Pictured Above: Mobile Track Player

How to Enable Email Capture with Your Email Service Provider

To enable Email Capture for use with your web form (if you are a Constant Contact user, go here):

  1. Sign in to your WordPress console.
  2. In the left-hand sidebar, go to Settings --> Smart Podcast Player.
  3. In the Smart Podcast Player Settings, select the Email Integration tab.
  4. Select Enable feature from the drop-down box. When you do, you will see this:

  5. In the field Button text, enter the copy you would like to appear on your button. Use a short call to action.
  6. Set your Button background color. The text color will be determined by the Theme Style you have chosen.
  7. The Open Call to Action setting allows you to choose if the box will automatically pop up. By default, users will only see your email form if they push the button, but if you choose one of the other two options, the email form will automatically pop up. In the example above, the box will automatically pop up 60 seconds after an episode begins.
  8. In the Call to Action box, paste your email sign up form's HTML. You will find this inside your email service provider; usually it is in the settings for your sign-up form. Instructions for several email service providers are below. If yours isn’t included in this list, check your provider’s support database for instructions on how to create your sign-up form. Embedding instructions should be included in that article.

Finding Your Email Form's HTML Code for the Call to Action Box

The following are several common email service providers' support articles for form embeds:

Hiding Email Integration Button within a Shortcode

Note: If you want to have email capture featured on one page, but not featured on another, you'd set up email capture as you want in the Email Integration tab as usual. Then, for those player you don't want the email capture option shown, add  email_portal="none" to your shortcode.

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