Hide the SoundCloud Listens Count

Note: This feature comes directly from user requests! If you have a feature you would like to see added into the player, email us at support@smartpodcastplayer.com. We can't promise we will add in all requests, but we will review them with the team. Many new features have come from user suggestions.

For SoundCloud Users Only

This is a feature specifically for SoundCloud users. Some SoundCloud accounts make it difficult to hide the number of listens, but when your show is brand new, you may not wish to display this count (below, red circle):

How to hide SoundCloud's listen count

Add the following text to the end of your shortcode:


Here's what the whole shortcode looks like:

[smart_podcast_player url="https://soundcloud.com/askpat/" social="true" social_twitter="true" social_facebook="true" social_gplus="true" social_email="true" style="dark" hide_listens="true"]

Here's what the player looks like now. Note that the listen count is no longer displayed:

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