Why Isn't My Track Player Displaying the Artist or Track Name?

When you add the Smart Track Player ("track player") to play a single episode of your podcast, you may find that either the artist name, track name, or both don't show up. You might see a blank space where the artist or track name would be, or the message "Getting File Data..."

This usually occurs because the artist and track names are not present either in the MP3 file's ID3 tags or in the shortcode itself. There are two ways around this:

  • Add the artist and track names to the MP3 file's ID3 tags. You can do this using software such as iTunes. Open the MP3 file in iTunes, then right-click the file and select Get Info. In the window that appears, you can add the artist and track names to the artist and song name fields, respectively.
  • Add them to the player's shortcode. You can do this via the shortcode builder, or add them directly to the shortcode after you've created it. This article has more details on creating and modifying the track player shortcode.

If you've tried either of the above solutions and your track and/or artist name still isn't showing up, or you're getting the "Getting File Data..." message, try adjusting the cache timeout and the download method, as outlined in this article.

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