Adjusting advanced settings (for problems with loading, downloading, CSS, show notes)

The Advanced Settings menu contains tweaks to fine-tune the performance of your podcast player. For most users, you will be able to leave the settings as-is; however, read on if you are experiencing any of these problems:

  • The download button doesn't work.
  • Track information doesn't show up.
  • Tracks won't load; "Getting File Data" doesn't go away or takes a long time to go away.
  • Your show notes aren't appearing the way you'd like in the full player.
  • The text in the player is too large or small.
  • You don't see the color picker in the Player Defaults tab.

To reach this menu, log in to your WordPress Dashboard. In the left-hand menu, select Settings --> Smart Podcast Player.

Clear SPP Cache

This button will clear out your site's cache for the Smart Podcast Player. It will clear out and recheck your podcast's feed and track information. Examples of when you might use this:

  • If you have recently published an episode but it has not shown up in your player, or
  • If you have updated a podcast file or track information in your host.

RSS Show notes field

Your podcast's RSS feed contains show notes for each one of your episodes. This is the text that appears on the left side of the window in the full Smart Podcast Player. Normally, these are in the <description> field of each <item> in the feed. However, sometimes you'd like to use a different field for your show notes. You can change this setting to make SPP display a different field as your show notes for each episode. After changing this setting, be sure to clear the SPP cache using the Clear Cache button, then reload your podcast page to see if the show notes are appearing correctly.

Cache Timeout

The cache timeout adjusts how frequently your Smart Podcast Player will check your podcast host for new podcast episodes. You can set this for any number between 5 and 60 minutes. Any number outside of this window will automatically revert to the default of 15 minutes.

  • Recommended: 15 minutes
    This is a nice balance—new episodes will appear on your site quickly without causing performance problems.
  • For loading errors: 60 minutes
    If the tracks in your player fail to load, or if your player displays a error message, set your cache timeout to 60 minutes.

Note: When you make a change to the cache timeout setting, it may take up to 60 minutes for the previously cached items to expire. You can do one of two things to check if the player is loading correctly after changing the cache timeout setting:

  • Wait at least 60 minutes, then reload the page (while holding the Shift key for a hard refresh) where your Smart Podcast Player resides.
  • Then, clear your cache by clicking the Clear Cache button. 

Download Method

This setting allows you to adjust how your Smart Podcast Player requests files from your podcast host.

  • Automatic (recommended): This option balances loading speed with the amount of memory required. Try this option first if you are experiencing problems loading your podcasts.
  • Stream (fopen): This provides the fastest loading speed; however, larger podcast files may fail to load. This is the default method used to load all files in Versions 0.9.3 and earlier.
  • Local File Cache: This is the slowest, least memory-intensive method. If your podcast tracks fail to load using both methods above, try this setting.

Note: Unlike the cache timeout setting, changes to the Download Method take place immediately. Simply click Save Changes, then reload your podcast page while holding the Shift key to test the new setting.

If after switching to a 60-minute cache timeout and the Local File Cache download method, your tracks still fail to load, click Contact in the upper-right corner of this page to fill out a support request. 

Use "!important! in CSS

Change this setting if the text in the Smart Podcast Player doesn't look right. This often happens because your WordPress theme's CSS is overriding the Smart Podcast Player's CSS. Selecting Yes will tag the Smart Podcast Player's CSS code with the "!important" tag, making it more likely that the text in the player will render according to the Smart Podcast Player's CSS.

Show color pickers

By default, the Smart Podcast Player loads the JavaScript for the standard WordPress color picker. Sometimes, your WordPress theme may conflict with the standard WordPress color picker, which can cause the Javascript in other parts of your WordPress admin area to fail. Selecting No for this setting instructs the Smart Podcast Player plugin not to load the JavaScript for the standard Wordpress color picker. As a result, you won't see a color picker for the background and link colors in the Player Defaults tab, just a text field. You will thus need to enter your color selections using hex codes. Here's a handy tool that can help you find the hex code for a particular color.

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